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Brueghel, Jan t.e. - The Triumph of Death-detail#2 by ros_with_a_prince on Flickr.

Brueghel, Jan t.e. - The Triumph of Death-detail#2


imagine someone loving u enough to write a song like this 


found this in a ‘96 DBZ manga at work today and i love it

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Galaxie 500 “Fourth Of July”


Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time

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Abandoned Palace in Poland, Photographer: Lukasz Malkiewicz



Although they do look cool under a UV light and is suitable for those who want a tattoo without the social consequences, the ingredients used for a UV tattoo aren’t 100% safe. There has been reported numerous cases of skin rashes, blisters and infection. These is some concern that they may contribute to cancer because they contain phosphorous.  (Source & More Information)



The tattoo is completely done with white ink, leaving a ghostly image that looks quite different from a traditional tattoo. These tattoos can look like scarification or they can appear to be very subtle. (All About White Tattoos) (UV Tattoos)


"The Angel Numbers" refers to numbers you might see around in a daily basis that might mean something more. It’s a belief in spirituality  & numerology that they can convey something about your life. You might see these numbers on billboards, or a digital watch or on objects. For example 1:11 on the clock represents 111. These are the repeating numbers & their meanings. 

  • 111: It represents progress in your life. You are thinking thoughts that are fresh, new & healthy
  • 222: This represents support. If you are working on a project, or a relationship, and you see this number, it means to keep going and it’ll lead you to the right places
  • 333: It’s a reminder that you are loved and that there are beings around you to support you and love you every step of the way
  • 444: It means that a recent decision or thought you made was the correct one
  • 555: A major change is headed your way. Don’t be afraid of it. Accept it. 
  • 666: Your thoughts are out of balance, and you are focusing too much on the negative
  • 777: Something amazing is about to happen. It’s a positive sign and you have definitly learned something.
  • 888: A phase of your life is about to end. It also means to make your move and don’t wait for it, go for it. 
  • 999: This represents completion. You’ve definitly learned something that will help you. For example, It could be after a bad break up, when you finally learned to let go and move on. 

More Numbers & Their Meanings

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